Bruce Schulze's Vietnam Photos (Page6)

arl37t.jpg (2022 bytes)(61) Thuong Thoi Mail Site

arl38t.jpg (1384 bytes)(62) 4th day in Vietnam - Enroute to the ARL-23 from Ton Son Nhut by U.S. Navy Helo. This is the same place mentioned on Photo Page1 (Photo4)

arl39t.jpg (1763 bytes)(63) Thuong Thoi Mail Site - Me on the left and an unknown Satyr crew member.  Most of the Helo's came from Ton Son Nhut AFB in Saigon

arl40t.jpg (2094 bytes)(64) Long Xuyen - RMSN Adams (left) and Me. Adam's was from California

arl41t.jpg (2039 bytes)(65) Thuong Thoi ARVN compound - The LCVP or Mike boat was beached here and then we would travel by jeep to the mail pickup site

arl42t.jpg (2655 bytes)(66) Long Xuyen U.S. Army MACV compound - Me (left) and an unknown Satyr crew member. 

arl43t.jpg (1876 bytes)(67) Cadillac Flats North of Long Xuyen - The "Blue Star"

arl44t.jpg (1038 bytes)(68) Long Xuyen - A narrow river at the North Edge of town.  Forgot the name of it

arl45t.jpg (2642 bytes)(69) Upper Mekong River - Port Side of the Satyr

arl46t.jpg (1285 bytes)(70) Tan Chau - View from the Mekong River landing area

arl47t.jpg (1715 bytes)(71) Upper Mekong River - Port Side of the Satyr. A CH-46 Mail/Personnel Helo landing

arl48t.jpg (1740 bytes)(72) Upper Mekong River - Port Side of the Satyr. VNN Tango Boats

radiot.jpg (1301 bytes)(73) National Panasonic HI-FI All Transistor - Thought I would just throw this one in.  It was purchased at the Pearl Harbor Navy Exchange back in 1968. It still works like new.  I used it while on the USS Arlington and the ARL-23.   It sure helped to pass the time while on the rivers of the Delta

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