Bruce Schulze's Vietnam Photos (Page4)

(38) RM3 Peele - He arrived a few months before I left for the USA. I believe he was from either North or South Carolina

(39) Me on the ARL-23's supply barge - This was a busy place during the daylight hours

(40) VNN Alpha Boat - Stern view with two barrels containing rice

(41) Long Xuyen - We would always cross this bridge while walking from the Bassac River water front

(42) Tango 22, and a USN Alpha Boat

(43) Thuong Thoi mail site - The ARL-23's LCM beached at the ARVN compound

(44) USN Zippo - The Zippo's didn't come around that often

(45) Tango 28 - T-28 is also displaying a state flag. I believe it was Arkansas

(46) VNN Tango Boats

(47) Tan Chau Feb 70, Upper Mekong River - I believe this was my first visit. The ARL-23 was just a few miles down the River

(48) Radio Central (NDMO) - Me, RMSN Sandine, and RM3 Smith (watch supervisor). This was the unclassified section of Radio Central, the Crypto room is to the left. The Satyr's Voice Call Sign was Forfeit Quebec, her CW, and RTTY Call Sign was NDMO. Jack Lamy RM3 took this early 1970 photo. Smith left for the USA shortly after. I then took over as watch supervisor

(49) Radioman 3rd Class (RM3) - My rate while on the ARL-23. I was a radio watch supervisor the last few months of my one year tour

(50) Information Booklet - It was issued at the Annapolis BOQ/BEQ in Saigon. This place was my first duty station in Vietnam. I left here on my fourth day in-country

(51) ARL-23 Patch - Brown Water Navy

(52) 100 Piasters - I forgot what the exchange rate was back then, it may have been around 240 Piasters to the American dollar

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