Bruce Schulze's Vietnam Photos (Page5)

snap1t.jpg (1186 bytes)(53) Upper Mekong River July 70 - The sinking of the USS Satyr's LCM.  Richard Pettit (69-70) said that the rear propellar shaft packing blew out while the Mike Boat was being towed to
the Satyr. It was loaded with C-Rations, and LRPS. A U.S. Army diver drowned during the recovery operations

snap2t.jpg (1389 bytes)(54) Upper Mekong July 70 - Recovery of the Satyr's LCM.  (left to right) USN Alpha boat, The Satyr's LCM, and the Neak Long, Cambodia ferries

snap3t.jpg (1469 bytes)(55) The ARL-23's last Commanding Officer (70-71), CDR. G.M. Giganti (left). He now lives in Las Vegas, NV

snap4t.jpg (1594 bytes)(56) Bassac River south of Long Xuyen - When the ARL-23 changed locations the barges and small boats usually remained attached.   We are underway at a speed of around eight knots. An ARL was very slow when traveling the rivers and canals.  The top speed with nothing attached was around ten knots.

snap5t.jpg (1013 bytes)(57) May 70 - Another air strike near the upper Mekong River, and close to the Cambodian border.  This may have been preparations for the US movement into Cambodia

snap6t.jpg (1349 bytes)(58) Upper Mekong River near Tan Chau - The YFM-890 with supplies for the ARL-23.  We also received supplies from LST's, Helo's, and the smaller Riverine Boats.  Most of our supplies came from Nha Bhe which was near Saigon

snap7t.jpg (1292 bytes)(59) Port side of the ARL-23. The A-Frame Lift is at top center

snap8t.jpg (1350 bytes)(60) Port side of the ARL-23.  The USS Benewah is in the background

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